Gilroy Tourism Business Improvement District: 2018-2027

By Gina Trechter, Civitas

Building upon the success of their five-year initial term, Gilroy hoteliers have successfully renewed their Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID)! With a unanimous vote by City Council, the district was approved for a 10 year term beginning January 2018.

The Gilroy TBID will generate approximately $365,000 in its initial year of operation, with 80% of the budget dedicated to sales and marketing efforts.  The renewal plan includes the option to increase the assessment rate, from the initial two percent all the way to five percent. If the assessment rate increase is enacted, the budget could increase to nearly $1 million annually.  

“With the recent ten year renewal of the Gilroy Tourism Business Improvement District, Gilroy is positioned to expand the sales and marketing programs that will promote our destination as a desirable place for overnight visits to visitors domestically and internationally,“ said Jane Howard, Executive Director of the Gilroy Welcome Center, the organization responsible for administering the TBID program.

Congratulations to the Gilroy Welcome Center, the City and the hoteliers who helped in the renewal of this TBID.

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