More than just a hiring service, it’s a match maker service!

Are you in need of an excellent employee? We can help with that! Civitas has developed a top-notch hiring system to make your team the best it can be, and we guarantee it! Our full-service hiring process will find you the best candidates and ensure they have the right skills to get the job done, all while seeking the person with a passion for the position. Our extensive contact network enables us to find that special someone in places you would never look.

Our hiring process includes multiple steps to make certain candidates are thoroughly vetted. During the process, not only will you get to know your candidates, they will also get to know themselves better. The key elements of our process are:

Candidate Interviews:  Civitas will do several layers of screening to determine the top two to three candidates for the position.  The first level of screening will consist of screening candidates by phone.  Once candidates are determined to be viable they will then be brought in for panel interviews.  Civitas will conduct as many panel interviews as needed to select the final two to three candidates.  We will train 2-3 members of your team to serve as interviewers, using the funnel method to discover more information about your candidates.

Behavioral and Motivational Profile:  Once the panel interviews are completed, Civitas will arrange for the top two or three candidates to take a behavioral and motivational profile.  At the designated time, we will provide them the profile instructions.  The profile will focus on the candidates’ motivations, behaviors, and ideal work environment.

They may look like lines on a page, but to our experts these graphs reveal a potential hire who is process driven, likes implementing systems, has a high drive to get things done, and is not afraid to make an educated decision.

Profile Results:  Civitas will provide the profile results to you. We will review results and provide our initial thoughts on each candidate.  We will review the job duties and responsibilities, discuss desired candidate strengths with you, and based on the profile evaluate each candidate.  The evaluation will be based on your desired traits and our knowledge of successful individuals in similar positions, and will identify each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Skills Test:  Civitas will guide you in creating a skills test for the top two to three candidates, that will confirm that they possess the core competencies necessary to be successful in the position.

90-Day Plan / At-Will Compensation Agreement:  Civitas will guide you in creating a 90 Day Plan and Compensation Agreement.  Expectations will be clearly defined for your new hire, in order to give them clear goals for their first 30/60/90 days.  These expectations will be plainly laid out with specific goals for each item.  You will be responsible for completion of the documents, but will be given guidance and advice from Civitas based on our experience in the field.  Civitas will review drafts and suggest modifications and refinements of the documents.

Final Interviews:  You will have an expert opinion given on these results with an opportunity to meet the final candidates for an interview.  Civitas will ask that a representative from your organization participate in the final two to three interviews.

Recommendation:  Based on the profile, skills test, and interviews, Civitas will rank the candidates.  We may not suggest that you hire any of the candidates; if this is the case and you are also not satisfied with the first round of interviews, we will re-start the process for half of the original contract fee, plus expenses.  If one of the top two candidates is selected, we will guarantee the hire for six months.

The Civitas Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the final candidates that are presented, Civitas will post the position again and re-start the interview process.  If a candidate is selected during the final interviews, Civitas will stand behind their recommendation for the first three months of the hiree’s employment.  Civitas will post the position again and restart the process for one additional hire.

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