Improving Tourism One Destination at a Time

Your quick and easy guide to everything you need to know about Tourism Improvement Districts (TID). With statistics, case studies, and more, this is your one-way ticket to becoming a TID pro.

Tourism Improvement Districts: A National Study of Results

Who, what, when, where, why? All your questions on Tourism Improvement Districts answered in this one of a kind report!

Global Tourism Improvement Districts Matrix

How does your destination compare? Take a closer look at each district’s annual budget, assessment rate, and more!

The Economic Impact of Tourism Improvement Districts in CA

Can you imagine the impact of loosing 30 million dollars of marketing funding? San Diego lived through it, here’s what happened.

U.S. Tourism District Law Study (2016)

We’re laying down the law! Check out your state’s law characteristics.


There are two legal mechanisms that allow for TID formation, state law or home rule authority. TIDs have been formed in 11 states, with many more on the way. For information on laws that have been used to create TIDs in each state, contact us.

Global TID Map

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