Working Together: Supplementing Traditional Districts with Wine, Beer, and Restaurant Districts

You have a property and business improvement district, perhaps even a tourism improvement district. To you, these are old news.

The new news … is restaurant, wine, and brewery districts. Each of these districts can exist on top of your existing PBID, BID, or TID. And even better, these districts can supplement and build upon your existing activities.

Each of these new districts places an assessment on the pertinent type of business in a particular area. They take 8-12 months to create, depending on the jurisdiction and number of businesses. In place for an initial term of up to five years, they provide funds for marketing, special events, place making, maintenance, security and other programs designed to improve sales.

The activities funded by a restaurant, winery, or brewery district can be unique, or can be in coordination with existing districts. Many downtown and tourism districts partake in restaurant week activities. A restaurant, brewery, or winery district can also participate, making your next restaurant week the biggest and best ever. In Newport Beach, the restaurant district partners with the tourism district for an amazing restaurant week. Going beyond restaurant week, special event production, in conjunction with multiple districts, can provide the resources needed to promote the event far and wide. In Sacramento, the Sutter Restaurant District celebrates Halloween with the Midtown Property and Business Improvement District.
In addition to marketing and events, specialized districts are partnering with existing property districts to further enhance the business district. From street lights, to maintenance, to extra clean up after events, and even extra security on late nights, districts are partnering up to further their prosperity.

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