Roseville: The Renewed District Continues to Attract Visitors Downtown

With an achieved majority of property owners in favor, the Roseville City Council recently voted to renew the Downtown Roseville Property and Improvement District (DRPBID) for an additional ten years!

The Downtown Roseville Partnership (DRP), originally formed in 2014, is funded by assessments from the DRPBID.  Their vision is “to be an action-oriented, collaborative organization that champions the creation of a vibrant and authentic downtown.”  With a mission “to be proactive in promoting, marketing and providing services that attract businesses and visitors to the DRPBID,” and “to manage the DRPBID’s business affairs in a transparent, fiscally responsible manner.”

How has Downtown Roseville fared?  It now has year-round tree illumination along Vernon Street, their main corridor, and new street banners throughout the DRPBID.  New solar-powered BigGulp trash compactors, leaf removal and power washing of sidewalks, and a day-porter program in partnership with Gathering Inn keep the area clean, safe and inviting to visitors.  Marketing initiatives have led to enhanced online presence and press coverage in radio and print media.  Events like mixers attended by the Mayor, City Manager and Police Chief as well as the revival of “Downtown Tuesday Nights” were made possible thanks to the DRPBID.

With the DRPBID in place for another ten years, it will be exciting to see the continued growth as the district continues to pursue its vision and mission.

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