AKA Project Manager

Our company has been growing and we’re always looking to keep advancing!  Are you interested in joining a fast-moving team of experts dedicated to making clients happy?  If you’re interested in a career, not just a paycheck, try this on for size.

You’ll join the biggest, fastest-paced team of experts in our field.  We’re the best at what we do, and we want you to be too.  You’ll be able to work independently, while still having a team to help you get the job done.  As a project manager on our team, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Become an expert in all things BID, PBID, and TBID related;
  • Be the primary contact person for your clients;
  • Coordinate team efforts, including clients and third-parties, to complete projects;
  • Make lasting relationships by seeing your clients through every step of the process, from finding them, to making them clients, to managing and completing their projects;
  • Work at your own pace on a flexible schedule, within hard project deadlines;
  • Develop your own sales pipeline and identify potential projects in a competitive market place; and
  • Develop and implement new product offerings.


It will help if you have:

  • A competitive spirit, a love of the chase, and a delight in the catch;
  • A go-getter attitude and an appetite to secure new clients (we have a lot, but the only way to grow is by adding more!);
  • A desire to in control of your compensation by earning commissions;
  • The drive to become an expert and be the best at what you do;
  • A history of managing projects and completing them on time (or early) and within budget;
  • A love of travel and the ability to work a flexible schedule; and
  • The desire to continually grow, develop, and find innovative ways to service our clients.


Does this sound like you? Send us your resume and cover letter! Be sure to let us know why this opportunity appeals to you.